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Hypertargeting – defining and targeting your audience.

Defining and targeting your audience is nothing new. Marketers have been using different methods to segment audiences for ages. But now, in this new digital era, we’re able to define and target even further with hypertargeting.

​What is Hypertargeting?

Hypertargeting is a technique advertisers use to deliver personalized messages to a very narrow audience or persona across different advertising channels. Gigantic Design Co. is able to reach these niche audiences by using consumer data and other advanced technologies.

Gigantic Design Co. used hypertargeting to locate customers for Midwest Legacy Beef.
Gigantic Design Co. used hypertargeting to locate customers for Midwest Legacy Beef.

Define Your Customers

Gigantic Design Co. can discover and define exactly who your customers are. This includes demographic, psychographic, and consumer patterns. By gathering data from website analytics, social media networks and other providers, we can drill down and identify not just “pet lovers,” but specifically those interested in “raw beef dog food diet.” We can also leverage consumer behavioral patterns, like whether someone might be in the market for a product, if they’ve searched for a specific service or what their purchase history may be. Once customers are defined and audiences are segmented, we can develop a strategy on how to reach them by using the preferred communication channels each audience uses.

​Hypertargeting Content

In order to engage your target audience, you need to make sure your content and design for your ads speak specifically to your audience. The more relevant they find the content, the more likely they will be to interact with it or act upon it. In the past, marketers would buy ad space in a publication relevant to their audience. Due to the advancement of digital marketing, there has been a shift from content-centric to audience-centric targeting in recent years. Rather than running an ad in a content-specific magazine and hoping your audience sees it, we can now purchase ads based on a specific audience, regardless of what web channel they are using to consume content.

Midwest Legacy Beef Dog Food
Midwest Legacy Beef Dog Food

Geographic Marketing

Segmentation goes deeper than just demographic information. Geographic marketing can be an important tool for reaching your audience. With consumer data, we can find pet-owners, determine if those owners are in the market for a new type of dog food, and even whether an individual has been searching consumer reviews to find out which dog foods have the best ratings. We can then make sure the ad is only delivered to that consumer when they are within 20 miles of a retailer.

In the past, you would buy ads based on a geographic location defined by your television or newspaper provider. More recently, you could target zip codes. We now have the capability to target specific IP addresses or a specific physical building.


Retargeting can be another effective tactic. Using the data we have available today, we can retarget users who have recently visited your website and serve them customized content based on what they viewed the last time they were there.

The Bottom Line

Whether your marketing budget is large or small, digital hypertargeting using data-driven personas is an effective, strategic way to stretch your advertising dollars and reach your goals. Gigantic Design Co. can help get you there.

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