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Landing pages – the missing link in your web strategy.

Imagine you are throwing a huge party and inviting your friends from all over the country. Since they are traveling from different areas, you decide to create individual, detailed, strategic, engaging maps for your friends to follow. What a thoughtful host you are. The only problem is, you don’t show the end destination on the map.
 No “X” marks the spot.

Now imagine your friends are customers trying to convert on an online sale. They engage with your social media posts and click on your email marketing campaigns. They are following the strategic map you have created for them like good customers should. But what happens when there is no clear “X” marked for them? 

We developed a landing page for Buxton with a clear call to action.
We developed a landing page for Buxton with a clear call to action.

Generating Business ​

It’s not uncommon for advertising to link to the business’ homepage, not a special landing page. 
That’s like your map leading your friends to the right city or state, and then expecting them to try and find the exact party location on their own. What if there is a fancy new strip mall or a bacon festival going on in the same city as your party? Will your guests ever make it to your event?

So why not fill in the blank for them? Why not guide them past the possible distractions on a homepage and lead them to their end destination? The main reason some businesses don’t use landing pages is their marketing department doesn’t know how to properly set them up or they are overloaded with work. Gigantic Design Co. can develop effective landing pages for your company that will convert visitors into customers.

No landing page = no lead generation = no conversion.

Landing Pages Are a Must ​

Landing Pages are a crucial tool to your sales and marketing efforts. But why? A landing page is a web page dedicated to capturing a visitor’s contact information usually through a conversion form. It is a page focused on getting a user to take action, whether that’s giving information or buying something.

Often times, customers will use a landing page to trade their contact information for something valuable like an offer, downloadable content, free trials, demos, or a coupon for your products. Sales teams rely on landing pages to provide leads that they can easily be segmented, nurtured or converted to a sale.

​Effective Marketing

The information captured on landing pages not only helps the sales team, but also the marketing department. It allows them to track the user’s journey from email, social media, pay per click (PPC), direct traffic, or referral traffic to your landing page, which helps you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you know what channel they converted on, you know you are reaching them efficiently with the right, engaging content.

If you lead them to your landing page, their journey will guide your future marketing efforts, ultimately resulting in some promising leads. Your customers’ final destination is just as important as their journey, so be sure to invest time and resources to create and give landing pages and give your customers their “X” to land on.

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