Facebook ads on budget – creating cost-efficient and effective ads. | Gigantic Design Co.

Facebook ads on budget – creating cost-efficient and effective ads.

​Target Your Audience

Blasting your Facebook ads out without defining an audience is a great way to throw money out the window. Instead of trying to reach the masses, Gigantic Design Co can target personas that will engage with your brand or product. The refinement of how specific the targeting of certain types of people can get is impressive. Facebook’s audience builder enables targeting of basic demographics like age, location and gender. But beyond that, it can further refine the targeting of people by specific interests, job titles, affiliated organizations, life milestones, pages they “like” and so on.

Something else to consider when creating and targeting ads is what stage of the buyer funnel your audience members might be in. Do they know anything about your company? Are they engaging with your brand on social media? Are they a current name on your email list? Are they a customer? The messaging, imagery and call to action will differ for each customer based on these phases of the customer’s journey. It wouldn’t make sense to serve an awareness ad to someone who is a repeat customer. Instead, an ad with an offer for a percentage off a price threshold that’s slightly above what they’ve spent in the past would be more relevant for that type of audience.

Gigantic Design Co. helped The Midwest Girl target their niche market through focused Facebook ads.
Gigantic Design Co. helped The Midwest Girl target their niche market through focused Facebook ads.

Ad Imagery is Essential

Images are the first thing your ad viewers will see. Imagery for your ads will differ based on the audience and offer, but more often than not, less is more. Use an image that shows the product or service you are promoting, but don’t overdo it. In most cases, one high quality static image will perform better than a collage of excess, low quality, off-focus images. The photographers at Gigantic Design Co. can capture a collection of high quality images that will show off your products and enhance your brand. This bank of images can be used throughout your social marketing campaigns and other marketing efforts.

We increased our sales 38% in one year with the help of Gigantic’s Facebook ad optimization.

- The Midwest Girl

Pick Your Call to Action

Whether you want your viewers to apply now, download, sign up, or learn more, making sure your Facebook ad has a call to action is vital to the success of its performance. If you don’t have a relevant, clear call to action and a related landing page or website with next steps, the money and time you invested into creating and placing your ad is wasted.

​Make Your Plan

With a flight or ad schedule created by Gigantic Design Co. for your various Facebook ad campaigns, you will be more efficient, saving time and money. Aligning this plan with your sales seasons will help you know what to promote and when. For instance, you might want to do an awareness based campaign during your busy season to stay in the forefront of your viewers’ mind but save your best offers for your down time as an attempt to increase sales. This ad schedule document can also be used to plot the performance results of ads, so they can be to modified to improve your campaigns.

Facebook ads can be inexpensive and extremely effective if you target the right audience, choose or create engaging imagery, have a relevant and clear CTA and make a plan of action to keep you on track. Gigantic Design Co. can help plan and execute your next cost-efficient and effective Facebook ads campaign.

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