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​Anderson-Weber is a multi-generation, family-owned auto dealership that’s been doing business in the Dubuque community for over 65 years. We worked with their team to develop an identity and brand that truly reflects who they want to be moving into their 3rd generation of leadership.

Buying Process Research

Digital Interactions

​We took a deep dive into the car-buying customer journey, and found a great piece of research from which detailed the car-buying process of one consumer through 900+ digital interactions.

This study influenced our approach to marketing Anderson-Weber, and supported their low pressure sales model. With the majority of the car-shopping process moving online, and increasingly on mobile, it’s crucial that Anderson-Weber be there, when the buyer is ready.

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Promotional Micro Site

Ashley's Trip Journal

​The winner of the Epic Rav Trip documented and published her trip through a Trip Journal website. Live posting daily recap videos and photos of her trip.

Each day was promoted through Anderson-Weber’s social media channels.

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Photo and Video

Localization Matters.

While a car dealer like Anderson-Weber has access to a great library of photos from their manufacturers, it was important to tell the story of these vehicles from a local lens.

Instead of seeing a vehicles in the mountains of Colorado, we used photography to tell the stories about the daily lives of customers in the local community, around local landmarks. Photos taken in the market, that connect with with customers from the market.

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