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Reach the right people with buyer personas.

Developing buyer personas to drive your marketing efforts not only benefits the marketing and sales teams, it also appeases the consumer. When a consumer is served content that is relevant to them, they are more likely to react and be satisfied with your brand and your products or services. Studies have shown that companies that create and use buyer personas continuously outperform their competitors who are not putting customers’ wants and needs at the center of their marketing. With all the digital channels that are available to marketers today, developing buyer personas is more important than ever.

Shoppers gather at Dubuque's Night Market.
Shoppers gather at Dubuque's Night Market.

​Six Ways Your Company Can Leverage Buyer Personas to make Your Marketing Efforts More Effective:

1. Know and serve the customer’s needs.

Clearly understand what it is that your ideal buyer wants. If you can impress that consumer with your brand, content, products and services, you have a better chance of gaining them as customers, repeat customers and brand advocates.

2. Learn how your customers make purchasing decisions.

By understanding your customers’ consumer behaviors, you can target and finesse them through the sales funnel - from awareness, to consideration, decision and satisfaction.

3. Understand how your customers spend their time.

Knowing how your buyers spend their time online will help you understand what types of content to create and where to place it to reach them.

4. Get your team on the same page.

When you create and use marketing personas, you are forming a unified view of your buyers and a common language for the sales and marketing teams. Personas ensure that every product, service, blog post, marketing email, and customer service response is consistent in message and aligned with your customer’s needs and expectations.

5. Segment your marketing.

Make your marketing efforts more effective by targeting different personas with offers and content they’ll be most drawn to. By using segmentation, you’ll spend your time and resources more wisely by attracting and retaining the each customer type with the right message.

6. Lead score your customers.

Lead scoring attaches a value to potential customers based on their likelihood to convert based on their behavior in relation to your brand. Because you’ve researched your personas, you know they are more likely to be interested in your brand. Lead scoring allows you to further prioritize your marketing efforts.

​Know Your Customer

By using defined customer personas, your company’s marketing and communication stands a much better chance of achieving success. Gigantic Design Co. can help you create the personas that will lead to increased conversions by analyzing your face-to-face interactions with customers, website analytics, social media engagements, and market research.

Making your sales and marketing decisions based on real personas created using real data from real customers will help your company get real results.

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