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Branding Your Business

Transforming your business space with brand application.

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Wendling Quarries
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Steele Capital Management
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How Spatial Branding Applications Amplify Business & Connection

Efficient branding doesn’t stop at defining a cohesive name, logo, and tagline. Now, more than ever, the visual identity of your business affects how people interact with your brand.

Adding brand applications to your physical space can not only completely change the way your environment feels, but also how your employees and customers feel interacting with it.  

The art of interior design has been used for centuries, but furniture and fixtures are only one piece of the puzzle.

Spatial design is defined as the “design of human environments, particularly interior environments” which we translate literally as applying the brand to the space, and making your brand something that is experienceable, through brand applications.  

Gigantic Design Co. helped Hillcrest's A New Day Clinic brand their space with uplifting graphics.
Gigantic Design Co. helped Hillcrest's A New Day Clinic brand their space with uplifting graphics.

Tailored Brand Application for Every Industry

At Gigantic, we choose spatial branding aspects based on the goals that your company wants to achieve in their space, designing and applying everything from signage, wayfinding, and small wall graphics to brand collaterals and large brand installations.

By embracing this practice in all industries; from corporate and educational to retail and hospitality, we’ve helped elevate spaces to incorporate their brand identities.

Wendling Quarries Lobby
Wendling Quarries Lobby

Bring Your Mission, Vision, and Values Forward

For corporate offices, brand values, as well as the company’s history and vision, are at the forefront, creating a connection between their employees and their physical workplace.

Surrounding your employees with visual aspects of your brand identity can help with investment in what your company stands for, which then can be translated authentically to your customers.

The thought you put into your workspace can also be a great recruitment tool in a day and age where visual branding is synonymous with credibility.

ImOn Arena Signage
ImOn Arena Signage
Darkbird Taphouse
Darkbird Taphouse

Retail and Consumer-Facing

In retail or consumer-facing spaces, creating a place where customers feel emotionally or visually connected to your brand can help encourage repeat business.

More than the items you’re selling and the displays in your store, customers are now looking for a way to relate to your brand and space when shopping.

Quality spatial branding in your retail business can differentiate you from your competitors and help you stand out in a time when we live in a very visual world. 

Gigantic Design Co. Brand Application Team
Gigantic Design Co. Brand Application Team

The Bottom Line

The process of identifying your brand and portraying that through spatial branding will add value to any physical environment.

Efficient spatial branding application represents another touchpoint in the customer journey and creates a holistic identity for your company throughout all of your spaces.

Gigantic is a design lead digital branding agency. Together, we use design to define, articulate, and elevate our clients' brand. Design is the difference.

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